What is Razorcoin?

Razor is the next evolution in cryptocurrency that offers enhanced privacy and security features. Taking anonymity and privacy one step further, Razor utilizes the TOR network to connect clients. Implementing this concept with current anonymous transaction innovation we plan to create the first truly private currency. With current implementation it is possible to remain as anonymous as you would like. The network will be supported through scrypt PoW. We have chosen the scrypt algorithm because we believe ASICs can strengthen the network. We feel it is still in a stage everyone can participate and still have the best of both worlds.

  • Symbol : RZR
  • Max Coins : 2,000,000 (2 Million)
  • Algorithm : Scrypt
  • Premine : 0%
  • Block time : 75 seconds
  • Re-targeting : KGW
  • Block reward: 100
  • Halving : every 10,000 blocks
  • RPCPort : 9393